My Work @ AaramShop

AaramShop is a hybrid retail platform that is completely focused on marketing & sales of daily essentials & groceries (FMCG / CPG brands). 

AaramShop is all about digitizing the existing last mile for FMCG / CPG brands so that the millions of stores can be made accessible to consumers on the web - one store at a time.
Shopping on AaramShop makes shopping for essentials more engaging, entertaining, effortless, comprehensive and stress-free. The busy and stressed out folks find the use of AaramShop saves them time and effort.

AaramShop uses it's unique hybrid retailing model based on co-creation to ensure that the consumer gets his essentials without escalation in costs or long delays. AaramShop leverages on the strengths of the independent neighborhood retailers and integrates that with the ease and access provided by the web-store.

AaramShop focuses on transforming the current consumer behavior of "casual web browsing" to an engaging behavior of "brand purchase". While AaramShop is a technology led solution, it is a fully integrated "1st mile to last mile" solution. 

As a brand professional you might want to visit AaramShop PRO to understand how brands can leverage on AaramShop to better engage with their consumers.