Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Clicks to Bricks" integration for FMCG brands' digital campaigns.

The growing importance of digital marketing is not lost on anyone. However, most brand marketers in the FMCG / CPG space find it difficult to justify the high engagement cost per consumer, especially because most current digital assets are restricted to creating awareness. 

There is now an option to change that. AaramShop has digitized the FMCG brands' existing last mile, thus enabling an integration of a “purchase now” prompt option within all digital assets. 

The consumers can now browse through all manner of digital communication, have the additional option to click on a “purchase now” tab, enabling them to order a brand from their preferred neighborhood retailer, who packs up and deliver in a matter of hours. 

Here is a neat example of seamless "Click to Brick" integration by Saffola (Marico Industries) giving its consumers a “purchase now” option on its website and at the same time it helps build a stronger bond with its channel by helping generate direct demand and action specific to the retailer outlets.

All digital assets of the brand like its websites, social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc, review sites, blogs etc and and digital marketing campaigns can be now made to perform harder for the marketing dollar spend, and go beyond the just feel good awareness.



David Rao said...

Thanks for this update. This is a wonderful innovation and brings about a new way for FMCG companies. I will get in touch with you offline.

Nidhi Sharma said...

Hi Vijay, Liked the concept a lot. Is this integration a paid service by AaramShop?

Vijay Singh said...

Thanks David, Look forward to hearing from you.

Vijay Singh said...

Hi Nidhi, This is not a paid service. Use of integration option is free for the brands. Only some of the API supported advanced services are paid for - and only of required.