Monday, December 24, 2012

A New Era For Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing has been around since the days of the traveling salesman. But with a strong assist from technology, it now it is re-emerging as the backbone of many branding plans.

Came across this wonderful article on CMO and felt it was worth sharing. 

The article captures the key changes and the fact that the empowered consumer has made experiential marketing a necessity in some areas, such as retail and electronics, where showrooming is turning products into commodities. 

And with the rise of online and mobile shopping empowering consumers to commoditize products, a tactile experience becomes a good way to set one product aside from another.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

KLM Travelpredictions

Here is another great example of good use of digital by KLM. Using the digital footprints we leave on Facebook, KLM Travelpredictions is able to "predict" a future travel destination based on the interest graph. 

This was created by River. The service is launched in 25 markets and is now earning revenue from actual sales.

Online and offline channels converge - 2013 and onwards.

Rebecca Lieb in her recent article titled 7 digital marketing trends to watch in 2013 refers to online and offline channel convergence as one of the big trends to watch out for. 

While she broadly refers to it as media becoming more digital, and that we're seeing digital messages appear in new places. Out-of-home channels such as billboards and digital signage - as well as TV screens - are hosting streaming and social media, I would like to suggest a step further. 

I would suggest the emergence of an increased seamless interoperability between the online and offline media and the blurring of the boundaries of the media formats. For e.g. a QR code on a print ad / OOH media leading the consumer to the website / mobile app with an ability to order the product via an eCommerce site or from a store. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Measure the results of your digital initiatives with BS detector.

Buzz words are everywhere and often over-shadow the need for a well defined marketing analytics framework, which generate and track meaningful results. Adobe has got it bang on in the above video. :-)

We are going beyond the buzz words. We are Simplifying Einstein

The mobile train has left the station: Are you on board?

Brand marketers and retailers are often unsure of the need to up-the-ante when it come to mobile commerce and still consider it something that is too far out into the future. And then suddenly it seems to hit us hard. 

This past Black Friday was the day we realized that mobile shopping would be the future and while the numbers that came in correspond to the US, the trend is what needs to be looked at.
On Black Friday 2012, one out of every four dollars spent online at retail websites came from a mobile device. This amounts to more than $300 million dollars in one day alone. 

For those retailers (and brands) who’ve already embraced mobile, it was a day of celebration, a culmination of their hard work and foresight. For retailers who didn’t get their share of this new mobile world, it’s a wake-up call: Get with the mobile program, or have consumers leave you behind.

Read the full story here and if you are a FMCG / CPG brand or retailer talk to us to understand how mobile commerce would work for you and how it can be part of your marketing strategy.