Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Call to action" on FMCG print ads.

A number of daily essential brands (FMCG & CPG) have started experimenting with integrating the benefits of the AaramShop platform into their digital assets and also in creating viable "call to action" on their traditional advertising initiatives like print adverts and product packs. However, some confusion persists and hence this post. 

Brands have traditionally been used to creating advertising & communication campaigns which are predominantly focused on increasing awareness & recall. 

While consumer durable print ads normally have a dealer panel where customers / readers can visit and buy or a website where the purchase could be done, FMCG / CPG ads are completely devoid of any "call to action". 

The assumption is that the consumer would be able to recall the advert in his / her next visit to a store and then will proceed to buy - leading to a gap between interest and action, and thereby inaction.

AaramShop now enables consumers to add brands that they love directly to their shopping lists - which can be used both online and offline. Once the brand is within the consumers' shopping list, re-purchase becomes effortless. 

Try the above mentioned example and write to us for more details on how we can help you modify your next advert into a shop and convert your reachability into shoppability.    

S Oil "Here" Activation - thumbs up.

Simple but powerful thought. Well executed, well crafted for awards ;-)

A good digital campaign by Fanta.

Visit the campaign site here. Good to see the brand staying away from TVCs to focus on the core experience. The campaign encourages co-creation and conversations about the brand.

The missing bit - is the next logical step to encourage the last mile discovery of the brand. Maybe the scale of the campaign makes it too tough.