Thursday, January 19, 2017

Store specific coupons - no longer a big deal.

Mobile Coupons are an effective tool to get shoppers into the store, or on their app or web-store. However, this effective tool has been out of reach of small neighborhood merchants. The process of issuing m-coupons to consumers, tracking them, redeeming them etc. is generally out of the capability of independent merchants who cannot afford the services of specialized marketing agencies or the costs of the required high-end technology. 

AaramShop has been able to address this challenge. We have opened up the opportunity to our partner merchants to use their mobile app (AaramOn), to publish, push and then deem coupons which are specific to their store. We have enabled this as a free to use feature on our merchant app (and across the entire tech stack). 

We have taken things a step further to add a little more aaram for our shoppers. They now have multiple options to redeem the coupons issued to them - on their app, on the web-store or when they walk into their neighborhood store. 

Here is a video to explain how simple it is for the retailers to deploy their store coupons.