Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yahoo rewamps its search logic.

Yahoo is trying to catch up with Google on lost ground related to “SEARCH”, and is using innovative methods to re-design its search logic and is calling it the biggest "consumer experience improvement" ever. The new methods will have an impact on SEO to a large extent and SEM to some extent.

Lets see if this works for them and if they are able to recover. Will review & research the impact on a regular basis and update it on this blog.

Watch this report here.

Consumer & the Brand : The break up

I thought this was a classic interpretation of the relationship (or lack of it) between the consumer and the brand. While I think it is entirely applicable to any one sided brand communication, it is also applicable to the patchy and ill-conceived 1-on-1 marketing campaigns.

Interesting that it had to come to us from Microsoft!!

Watch the video here.