Wednesday, October 19, 2016

AaramOn POS Solution - going beyond "billing @ store"

AaramOn is a technology innovation for retailers of all sizes, but speciaclally designed keeping in view the business needs of the independent retailers, and ensures they can use it as a dependable tool to grow their business. Retailers use AaramOn as a mainstream and modern alternative to traditional POS terminals which have been designed to address the single issue of “billing @ store”, and are expensive to implement. 

AaramOn supports multi-device integration.
Business demands are more complex and are ever evolving. AaramOn has been built with the smart phone at its core and hence it ensures full integration on the AaramOn app, enabling the business manager to have all relevant business indicators available to him at all times. It further integrates web & app based orders, tracks the entire delivery and payment process. It comes bundled with CRM and store-market on the finger tips, while at the same time it also does the “billing @ store”.

AaramOn POS has been designed in a way that it can either operate on the cloud or in the unforeseen event where the network connectivity between the POS and cloud breaks, AaramOn with its native database ensures business continuity. The application, which supports both windows and android OS, allows the retailer to continue business as usual and ensures data integrity when the connection is restored. Give it a try here.