Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hybrid Commerce at work - effective commerce.

In a first of its kind of initiative, AaramShop Pakistan undertakes hybrid commerce to enable consumers across the city of Karachi to order their preferred grocery products and have their orders delivered at the doorsteps within hours.

A store specific promotional FSI.

So why is this special?
  1. Its the ideal local commerce solution - leverages the strengths of retailers in the neighborhoods and power of the brands. A solution that extends the opportunities offered by the web to stand-alone stores. 
  2. It rides on the existing infrastructure rather than re-inventing the wheel - with deliveries at the doorstep within hours (not days).
  3. It uses multichannel marketing strategies - web, mobile apps, calls, FB store and physical stores - all rolled in; and that too in an evolving environment like Karachi.
  4. AaramOffers, specific to the store help ensure the consumers in the locality get to take advantage of local deals.