Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Music & web at its best : musicovery

OK, this post has nothing to do with marketing, but I am sure it will go a long way in helping you enjoy music the way you want to. Superb digital web app called "musicovery", allows you to choose music as per your mood and play on by way of association. Try it and I bet you will be hooked.

Click here for music.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Potentially malicious sites' search results - labled.

If you search using Yahoo, you would have noticed SearchScan service in it’s beta format on the right-hand top corner – it already in use in some of the geographies and I believe will have an effect on the ranking and click thru’ rates of the defaulting sites. While Google has had the service for a few months now, the Yahoo service which is powered by McAfee is far more prominent and will keep the user away from the site for sure – making it critical for sites to rectify their processes, be it viruses, malware, spam or other harmful software, especially in case they are depending heavily on SEO traffic.

Listed below is an example of things going a little awry for Agency FAQS. With the kind of warning, even I was wondering if it was safe to venture on to the site and I have been using the site for ages.

This is a simple search result, notice the RED.

Afaqs has just been declared a proclaimed spammer.

The process being followed by Google or Yahoo is not clear yet, as neither has published its classification technology, which makes it difficult to determine how alike the two services are. The one visible difference is the prominence of the warning in case of Yahoo, while on Google; you do get a text link “This site may be harmful to your computer”.

The service makes a lot of sense for the user and will prompt the site-owners to clean up their acts or be listed “harmful to search”.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tracking the trends.

A comprehensive report on the growth of the BTL marketing services across industires with reasons for the same and the most effected aspects of the "traditional" media formats. Please download the full report from the Articles and White Papers section of The BTL Life from here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Marketing in a recession ; an article download.

Is it an economic recession or a mere slow down? Is it just the beginning or is it already over? Is the recessionary trend going to be “V” shaped curve or would the curve be of the scary elongated “U” shape, and is India immune?

It’s anyone’s guess. While I do have my views buts I don’t know for sure and if I did know I would be an exceptionally rich person. However, what I do understand is that time is right to be cautious as the cloud cover ahead is a couple of shades darker.

In a slowdown environment, the pressure on the availability of the marketing dollar is going to increase, and if you are in a US centric organization where the funds are allocated in USD denomination or currencies which are linked to the USD – then expect a further pressure where-in the dollar depreciation, which has already eroded about 10-15% of the marketing budget, will further weaken by a few percentage points. This will knock down the quantum of your funds by the time you are able to see the funds in your spend account.

Download the full article on how to tackle the challenges of marketing in a recession from the Articles & White Papers section of The BTL Life from here. You can also access other knowledge papers from the same location.