Monday, August 6, 2007

Another viral campaign - with a brand association.

Here’s another example of a interesting viral campaign, Staedtler (the writing instruments maker) wants more and more people to write snail mail letters (or just write – instead of keying it all in), so much so they agreed to send 10,000 physical letters to users who submit their details on the Take Note site. You can even sign up to receive a letter from a stranger. Can’t recall when was the last time I received or send a hand written letter (as would be the case with most other folks) so this should be interesting for most people, especially the younger TG, who have probably never received a hand written letter.

While I really enjoyed the humor in the notes (good copy writers within the agency, I guess), I wonder why not extend the proposition to make this a worldwide property, Staedtler is afterall a worldwide brand. My view is that an international campaign would have increased the viral potential multifold.

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