Monday, July 27, 2009

New approach allows advertisers to map and assign value to various touch points, gaining a more complete picture of a campaign.

Microsoft engagement mapping is similar to the "last mile touch point mapping" which is being undertaken by my agency for the last 6 months or so. The difference being that while the MS's Engagement Mapping is a new approach to managing and measuring the effectiveness of online campaigns - our approach has been to map the touch points at the last mile which impact the actual path to purchase. Read more about Microsoft's Engagement Mapping here.

This type of engagement mapping tool will become really powerful when it can measure not only ad views that lead to a purchase, but also any other type of online or social interaction. This is probably the end game that Facebook is aiming at with Beacon. Imagine the value advertisers could derive from a tool that looks at how your online activity leads up to a purchase. I.e., did you see a friend talk about the product on a Facebook wall post? Did you read a blogged review? Did you see the product talked about in a YouTube video? Did you look at any ads when all that was happening?

Our approach on our last mile tools has been similar where-in we and understand reasons why a shopper changes his brand in the last mile - which are the touch - points that help in the brand choice. This information is a must have when planning a last mile / retail engagement. Know more about these last mile tools at


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