Sunday, August 5, 2007

Try this & record time you spend on it.

Another sticky place to hang around and spend time on the web is Net Disaster, much on the lines of putting things you always wanted to in the microwave”. However, unlike the fun with microwave, this does not lead on to a specific product line. What is also interesting that it allows one to embed the app on any site and the relevance created by using the textual context of the webpage. No wonder 72 million trials have been generated on this so far.

In order to try and understand, record your own time using this and also the viral which it generates.


Peter Tay said...

HA HA HA, it took 15 minutes in the 1st go and I intent going back on this. Any idea if I can embedd the entire thing on my ppt.

Rajesh said...

Hey this was intresting but why have this if there is no eventual link to the commertial project? Like you mentioned this is different than the microwave.

Vijay Singh said...

Hi Peter,

15 minutes is good. I am not sure if the entire animation can run on the ppt unless you record the screen shots (using other tools) and then embed the same on the slide.