Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shop Floor - The New PRIME TIME.

I started documenting the changes in the way shoppers behave when taking a decision on the brand purchases sometime back and have collated the top 10 trends, as I see them, in this white paper.

The trends strongly reiterate the urgency and the need for brands to focus on the “shop floor” in the same manner as they have traditionally focused on the prime time on TV to advertise and promote themselves and their products.

This whitepaper on the changing shopper behavior and its reasons is now available for a free download from here. You will however, need to register on the site and then log into it to download the whitepaper.
There is a lot more information on each of the trends; do email me if you wish to know more – I will be happy to share the same with you. You will also find some of the additional information on each of the trends on this blog over the next few weeks – so do subscribe to either the RSS fee or by way of email for regular updates.

Happy reading! And look forward to your views.


Barry Quinn said...

Hey thanks VJ, will need to go thru it in detail before I can fire questions... however, just a question - can I use some of this for a presentation in my class.

Martha said...

HOT, love the title too.

Ali Hyder said...

Very nice article. I this relevant across the world, at least in most of Middle East - almost all the 10 trends.

Do you have any trends / numbers specific to the emerging economies.

Kate said...

Very nice. Loved the trends - and like the writing style.