Saturday, October 24, 2009

Someone deserves to be sacked!!

Here is a classic example of colossal waste of marketing funds.

Came across this billboard today in the morning on the way to my office. The marketing of the niche exhibition on security ( to try and get exhibitors to participate) is being done on an OOH format – complete with a cost of participation. Wondering what percentage of drivers on this busy expressway are qualified to take up an exhibition stall - and who was doing the media & touch-point planning here?

Instead of using one on one marketing, or other niche approaches – which are the understood norm for exhibition marketing – here is an example of trying to reach out to general public to sell space at a security exhibition!

Terrible approach to targeting the relevant TG, and what a sinful waste of marketing funds.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, it's government buying at it's best.

Dave Mathew - UK said...

Ahha... well said. I am so surprised that there is a business manager who is undertaking suck levels of stupidity. I am surprised that his bosses allow for such waste.

Would such buying be done by big media buying agencies, or small outfits or the client himself?

Vijay Jacob said...

Ha, ITPO... what else can one expect from them... but you are right - it is such a bloody waste of monies and sends strange messages to the customers..

Diana said...

Another example of bad marketing


Diana said...

or this one