Monday, November 16, 2009



We are seeing new products and enhanced features within products introduced at a mind – boggling rate, and the lifestyle of individuals have become increasingly multidimensional and multifaceted. With so many added choices, customers have more purchasing decisions to make and these decisions are more complex than ever before.

Gone are the days when the consumer used to watch a TV ad, “become aware of the brand name” and then walk across to the store and ask for the brand by its brand name. That used to be a done deal!

Today, a consumer is faced with a plethora of brand options to choose from in any category – and not merely from amongst the brands, but also from within the brand. Take for example a rather “simple” decision of buying a tube of toothpaste - it is no longer enough to decide from amongst the brand names, but also from within countless features like, extra whiting, vs. tartar control, vs. mint or other flavors, vs. medicated, vs. specially formulated for kids or older folk, vs. blue or red colored pack, vs. extra volume, vs. what appears cool & new in the retail shelf to even vegetarian or a non-veg and lots more reasons.

A consumer is induced to switch his preference within the brand and overtime also amongst variants across the category. The consumer is less likely to be loyal, more open to experimentation and more likely to change his mind based on what he sees on the shelf.

This flood of options leads the consumer to take his brand decision not based on what he sees on the TVC or print, rather on what he sees on the retail shelf on that day!

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