Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brand ahead of demand? Are you crazy?!

I share and completely understand the anguish faced by Joel Harrison, the Editor of B2B Marketing. I can empathize with him when he says

I was staggered and aghast when chair Richard Perry asked the audience for their view on brand versus demand: what did they think was most important? The response pretty overwhelmingly, was in favour of brand – at least two thirds of the audience voted for it. To be quite honest, I was staggered by this response. ""

Please read his full article here - Brand ahead of demand? Are you crazy?!

What is amazing is that normally there are the two extremes - one set of folks who are focussed on only the brand - what I like to think of as guys focussed on ROE (return on ego), while there are other set of guys who are extremely focussed beyond ROI - they want actual conversions and sales from the agency.

Middle path is the sweet spot. Engagement to drive trails and positive conversations.

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