Saturday, June 30, 2007

Keeps the viewer engaged beyond 30 secs, at least.

The Kraft Food Holdings Inc’s online campaign for Easy Mac is interesting, though short of brilliant. The Easy Mac Micro Maniac keeps one engaged & interested for a while. Everybody has had an urge to “microwave” stuff which should not be ideally put in the microwave. The anticipation of results and the expected explosion keep you wanting to try different things. Try putting the eggs in the microwave !!

I believe it could have been more interactive and fun, if the list of what could be “microwaved” was user-defined, and went a little beyond the current list. Other sections are interesting but too “commercial”.

View the site here.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your views on two points:
1. The "explosion expectation" keeps one hooked for a while - I see that as a possible "hook" for more future interactive sites.
2. The format looks and feels a little stale.
It looks like the guys at Kraft and the agency seem to run out of steam towards the end.