Thursday, January 8, 2009

The last mile just got longer!

The one-way, one-message-for-all, top-down brand communication format is on the way out and we need to find a more interesting way of igniting conversations between corporations and consumers.

Storytelling for brands is not just about the images and words. It is about everything you do that touches your prospects and customers. Narrating the brand story through activation is a process of engaging the prospect in an experience about the brand – at consumer touchpoint(s) and with their permission – to positively influence their brand preference and ensure a change in behaviour towards that brand for a lifetime.

The brand experience is fundamental and critical for a couple of reasons. Here are 5 of them;

1. Consumers no longer believe commercial messages. End of story. Read More HERE

2. A consumer’s source of information, research, evaluation and influence are not led by an organisation or brand. Read More HERE

3. The central idea of the campaign has become more important than the media used. The campaign idea needs to create the ripples which should take a life of their own. Read More HERE

4. Brand activation brings with it a large extent of measurability. Read More HERE

5. The customer’s experience with the brand throughout its lifetime will drive the future. Marketers increasingly need to look at extending their roles throughout the lifecycle of the product to ensure future purchases. Read More HERE

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