Saturday, April 24, 2010

Understanding the effectiveness of events.

Most brand promotion initiatives, esp. the once that are done in an “event” format, have a very vague measurement matrix and most of it is anecdotal in nature.

Here is a tool which enables real time measurement of the success of the brand initiative on preset enabled parameters – EventPulse.

Never undertake another brand initiative without building in the required measurability. Watch the screencast above or visit here or visit for a demo and a conversation with experts.


Sam Jones said...

This is wonderful, will be in touch.

Chris Lyyod said...

Hi Vijay, thanks for the twit on this - I saw this and MarketPulse and ShopperPulse - wonder if we can work with these tools in markets beyond Asia and can we subcontract the tool only :-)

Vijay Singh said...

Hi Chris, thanks for going thru all the three. It is possible and being used currently. Since the tools are build on a SaaS model, they can be deployed by us for them to be used anywhere in the world and all the measurement parameters can be customized as per the initiative.

Lets chat up.