Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Point of Sale has moved - from the store to the consumers’ home.

Traditionally FMCG brands have focused their marketing efforts on ensuring high brand visibility at the stores & while that is critical – there is an aspect that might be getting overlooked.

Home Delivery!!

The new point of sale is the consumers' home.
Home Deliveries are the backbone of the general trade in India. Our research has revealed that some of our AaramShops have as high as 55% of their business from home deliveries, while the average home delivery business across urban stores is a high 32%.

The prevalence of such a high level of home delivery across urban centers of India warrants a strategic rethink by brands.  The challenge with home delivery is that the consumers are just not walking-in to the store, as the orders are getting placed on the phone or online. Obviously the last mile visibility & communications strategy is not working for these consumers.

The solution lies in reaching the consumers in their homes, and influencing the buying decision right where it is made.   

At AaramShop, we have custom created unique solutions to tap this huge opportunity – we have the network, the coverage & reach, the technology and fine-tuned processes to ensure that brands can influence consumers to get a place within the home delivered orders. 

Talk to us if you need help in reaching your brand communication, offers and promotions directly to consumers and have them serviced via AaramShops.

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