Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Analysis of online grocery shopping in India.

As a FMCG / CPG brand marketer, you will love this comprehensive report on the Indian consumers’ online purchase behavior across FMCG categories and its related impact on brand preferences. 

In the SOGS Report: India, findings have been presented in terms of four broad parameters:

1. Who is buying groceries online? – SOGS report dives into demographic details of the shoppers including gender & age and it's impact on purchase. 

2. Where are the buyers coming from? - the current report restricted to the National Capital Region.

3. When they are shoppers buying the groceries? - time frames and order patterns.

4. What categories and brands are they buying? – Comprehensively explores categories and sub-categories and the top selling brands within them.

Data used on the SOGS report is based on actual purchase data on AaramShop covering 542 shopping bags between 1st of July 2011 to 15th of August 2011.

You can download the free SOGS report from here. 
The report is 6.25MB and in a PDF format.


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Vouchers said...

Thank you its excellent!Really i loved read this blog.I am really enjoying reading this page.

Anonymous said...

Good report but i am looking forward to future edition as sample space for this reports was too thin. Also, report looks at top brands only, would prefer to look at 100% of brands covered

Online Shopping said...

that was really nice analysis....too good.....

Vijay Singh said...

Just a view on the sample size - it is 500+ shopping transactions that have been analyzed, which is quite a comprehensive data size (which of course would increase with every report. I have not come across a report with a larger sample size :-)

All the listed brands are covered and access to the in-depth report is part of the paid / premium services of AaramShop. To access the same you could register at www.brandengagementcenter.com

Anonymous said...

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