Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Marketing in a recession ; an article download.

Is it an economic recession or a mere slow down? Is it just the beginning or is it already over? Is the recessionary trend going to be “V” shaped curve or would the curve be of the scary elongated “U” shape, and is India immune?

It’s anyone’s guess. While I do have my views buts I don’t know for sure and if I did know I would be an exceptionally rich person. However, what I do understand is that time is right to be cautious as the cloud cover ahead is a couple of shades darker.

In a slowdown environment, the pressure on the availability of the marketing dollar is going to increase, and if you are in a US centric organization where the funds are allocated in USD denomination or currencies which are linked to the USD – then expect a further pressure where-in the dollar depreciation, which has already eroded about 10-15% of the marketing budget, will further weaken by a few percentage points. This will knock down the quantum of your funds by the time you are able to see the funds in your spend account.

Download the full article on how to tackle the challenges of marketing in a recession from the Articles & White Papers section of The BTL Life from here. You can also access other knowledge papers from the same location.


MIke, Ut, said...

Hi Vijay, nice article. Would not the IT companies and call centers get hit for margins in Asia, esp India?

Vijay Singh said...

Hi Mike, callcenter and outsource ITES should peak rather than going down as off-shoring is the cheaper option to the recession hit economy of US, esp if the recession is short.

If the recession stays longer than 6 to 9 months and if the US Dollar weaken against the INR - that might really impact the ITES business from India.