Sunday, December 16, 2012

The mobile train has left the station: Are you on board?

Brand marketers and retailers are often unsure of the need to up-the-ante when it come to mobile commerce and still consider it something that is too far out into the future. And then suddenly it seems to hit us hard. 

This past Black Friday was the day we realized that mobile shopping would be the future and while the numbers that came in correspond to the US, the trend is what needs to be looked at.
On Black Friday 2012, one out of every four dollars spent online at retail websites came from a mobile device. This amounts to more than $300 million dollars in one day alone. 

For those retailers (and brands) who’ve already embraced mobile, it was a day of celebration, a culmination of their hard work and foresight. For retailers who didn’t get their share of this new mobile world, it’s a wake-up call: Get with the mobile program, or have consumers leave you behind.

Read the full story here and if you are a FMCG / CPG brand or retailer talk to us to understand how mobile commerce would work for you and how it can be part of your marketing strategy.

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