Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shopping Bag Analytics - on steroids.

Beta testing AaramShop's new Analytics Engine. 

This is the 1st look into product category intelligence based on the content of the shopping bags. Objective is to understand purchase patterns on which products categories are most likely to get into shopping bags together. 

More updates soon.

Since the video is low res, have added a couple of screen shots as references.

Fig 1 : Soaps and Sanitizers.

Fig 2 : Cereals and Breakfast
Fig 1 is the % of other categories which get into the shoppers bag, when products in the "soaps and sanitizers" category are bought. 25% of the shopping bags also contain "hair care and styling aids" products. 

Fig 2 on the other hand is about buying behavior around Cereals and Breakfast and I am curious about the 37% buyers also buying into the Skin Care category. :-) 

Do share your views with me

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