Friday, November 2, 2012

Einstein Simplified!!

If Einstein can be simplified, I bet digital  marketing for FMCG / CPG brands can be simplified as well.

You would have noticed that it is difficult (if not impossible) to wrap up a digital / online marketing discussion, without learning a few extra jargons and tech-speak. All the jargon has a MEGO effect on me (`My Eyes Glaze Over') :-). 

If you are into jargons pick up a few from here.

The other interesting bit in most discussions is the "evasive action" when it comes to quantifiable returns from the marketing spends. 

At AaramShop, we have taken a few steps towards addressing this challenge by creating a marketing program which converts consumer touch-points (jargon 1) into shopper action-points (jargon 2) for FMCG / CPG brands. 

Talk to us about our Simplified Online Plan for FMCG brands (in India) and sign-in for the Step-Up Program. 

You are assured of time porn (jargon 3) 

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